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Ice in Spring by Thomson

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  • This re-creation marks an exciting start to a season of sketching as Thomson would arrive in spring and sketch the landscapes of Algonquin Provincial Park, before leaving in Autumn.
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    • Certified Limited Edition of 350 total. 300 North America, 50 Museum 
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    • Re-creation size (HxW): 21.8 x 26.8 cm (8.6 x 10.5")
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Ice in Spring, by Tom Thomson Painting Close Up


During the winter, painting outside becomes almost impossible, so Tom Thomson spent the colder months in his small studio in Toronto working on larger paintings. As the weather got warmer, he would venture out, looking forward to the time when he could be in the landscape of Algonquin Park for extended periods of time, camping, fishing and making sketches.

A key event in his annual calendar was the period during the thaw when the ice in the rivers and lakes abated, and the water could be safely traversed in a canoe; Thomson could then move deeper into the landscape, and find new sketching spots. This sketch shows exactly this time of the year; the ice in the river breaking up, and the drab landscape just beginning to come back to life under a sunny, vibrantly blue cloudless sky.



Tom Thomson

Born in Ontario in 1877, Tom Thomson was arguably the most popular and most influential Canadian artist of the early twentieth century, and widely  acknowledged as an inspiration for what became the  Group of Seven.

Thomson's sketches appear frank and spontaneous, but they are deliberate, considered objects. Simply choosing a painting spot, where to sit, and setting the height of a horizon involves composition and design decisions. The choice of support, its smoothness and preparation, and even air temperature all have a bearing on how easily the paint adhered, and which size and type of brush would produce which effect – these factors all influence the appearance of the sketch.

Canada’s landscape was the focus of his career, capturing transient moments of light and atmosphere, rapidly sketching in oil as he explored his way around Algonquin Park and other areas of natural beauty. In some cases, he would develop these sketches into full-blown celebrations of nature.




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