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Bowl of Zinnias and Other Flowers by Van Gogh

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  • See and feel the incredible texture of Vincent van Gogh's Bowl of Zinnias and Other Flowers, with this limited edition re-creation of the original artwork.
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    • Certified Limited Edition of 950 prints world wide. 300 North America, 300 Europe, 300 Asia, 50 Museum 
    • Verus Art re-creations are printed on premium aluminum panels using the highest quality archival inks
    • Re-creation size: 51.4 x 61.8 cm (20.2 x 24.3”)
  • The carefully selected, museum choice frame represents the era in which the original painting was completed, plus you can chose from two alternatives to best match your décor. 
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Bowl of Zinnias and Other Flowers, by Van Gogh Painting Close Up


After working as an art dealer, schoolteacher, and missionary, Van Gogh decided to become an artist in 1880 and spent several years painting and sketching in the Netherlands. Intrigued by the Impressionists, he moved to Paris in March 1886 and lived with his brother Theo, an art dealer.

Bowl of Zinnias and Other Flowers is among a group of still-lifes painted that summer in which Van Gogh shed the darker palette of his Dutch period and explored color theories then current among the Parisian avant-garde. In July 1886, Theo wrote to their mother that Vincent was "mainly painting flowers with the object to put a more lively color into his next pictures….He has acquaintances who give him a collection of flowers every week which serve him as models."



Vincent van Gogh Self Portrait

Despite taking his life at the age of 37, Vincent van Gogh’s legacy includes 864 paintings and over 1300 other pieces on paper. Documented by a series of letters to his brother, his artistic journey was not only of the adoption of Impressionist color and brushstroke styles but in his daring nature to experiment with emotion and the meaning of his pieces through a variety of compositions and less conventional backgrounds.


Reflected by the complexity of his unique style is his struggle with fluctuations in mental health – earning himself the label “mad redhead”. From heated arguments and fragile friendships to cutting off his own ear and shooting himself in the chest, Van Gogh’s life was a tragic roller coaster ride and sadly his legacy truly captured people’s attention, and has continued to do so, years after his suicide.



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