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A multi-talented artist, Edgar Degas was a painter, printmaker, sculptor, and photographer. Thanks to the comfort of being financially independent, Degas was famously experimental with his works, with both technique and subject matter. Considering himself a realist, he had strong views and a prominent voice in the art world. A founding member of the Impressionists group, he also featured works in seven of their eight exhibitions.  

Believing that landscapes were only for backgrounds, Degas focused on sharing intimate glimpses of the lives of middle-class Parisians. From somber portraits to contemporary scenes of the flamboyant performing arts circle, his works often featured ballet, theatre and laundresses. Many of Degas’ works also challenged conventional portrait styles, whether it was with different techniques or strange postures that allowed him to capture people in modern, everyday situations.


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Degas' Woman with an Umbrella