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Established through a partnership between world leading digitizing, printing and framing organizations, Verus Art® is collaborating with world-class museums to re-create the world's most precious cultural assets.

Changing the Way The World Lives with Art

At Verus Art, we’re passionate about changing the way the world lives with art. This is the driving force behind our partnerships with museums.

We want to make art more accessible and bring people, no matter where they are in the world, closer to the works of the world’s greatest artists. With Limited Edition textured reproductions, art enthusiasts can now enjoy living with priceless paintings that they would only ever dream of owning.

With our Art Connection program, we are bringing the great masters into the classroom, allowing children to see and touch the brushstrokes. Museum outreach and education programs are also supported through royalties and materials, ensuring art and culture retain their importance in society.

We also help support museum conservation with new opportunities in digital restoration allowing teams to turn back time digitally, without even touching the surface of the original painting.




Behind the Scenes

Verus Art works closely with museum teams through every step of the reproduction process. Working with conservators, original artworks are carefully handled and placed into our digitization system, where hundreds of millions of data points are recorded.

Capturing details as fine as one-tenth of a human hair, each painting in digital form amounts to data, which is processed by our engineers, ready to be brought to life through elevated printing technology.

Our trusted printing partners issue textured samples to the museum for authentication and approval of the reproduction. Once the museum has approved the master proof, each re-creation is finished with hand-crafted premium Larson-Juhl frames.