The Art of Gift Wrapping Artwork

The Art of Gift Wrapping Artwork

November 21, 2018

You’ve already found the perfect piece of art, but a convenient gift bag from the supermarket won’t cut it? If you’re like us, you probably want your gift wrapping to live up to the masterpiece that waits inside.

As we count down to the holidays we’ve pulled together our top wrapping tips and ideas to take a little pressure of you this holiday season. After all, wrapping gifts in between buying festive sweaters, attending back-to-back parties, and transforming your home into Santa’s grotto can be exhausting!

(Warning – you might feel very smug with your wrapping this year.)

Going Big and Bold – The Pre-Installed Surprise

If you are planning a surprise at home, hanging the painting in place is a great move - especially if it’s large and cumbersome!

To add some holiday pizzazz, try tying a ribbon and bow around the frame. Not only is it quick and easy for any stealth Santa moves but it will look fabulous and won’t risk marking the frame or artwork.

Gift Wrapping Art
Side view - Artwork Gift Wrapping

The Magic of a Gift Box

A good quality gift box will look amazing and make life a lot easier – without worrying about a corner poking through or accidentally ripping the paper by putting a heavy present on top of the center.

Make sure you measure up and shop for a gift box that will give you at least a couple of centimeters of space around the frame. This will let you stuff the box with tissue, shredded paper, foam pellets or even feathers!

Once you’ve laid the painting in place, lay a few sheets of ruffled tissue on top to fill the space between the artwork and the box lid.

Finally, close up your box and add your favorite decoration - you could wrap it (carefully) with special paper, tie a ribbon and bow or even glue pine cones or gingerbread gift tags to the top. Hallmark has a great YouTube playlist of gift wrapping tips plus you can take inspiration from Decorators Notebookand Craftberry Bush’s finishing touches or turn to Pinterest for hundreds of ideas!

Homemade Gift Wrapping

Photo Credit: Craftberry Bush

DIY Gift Wrapping

Photo Credit: Craftberry Bush


For a Talented Seamstress

Another favorite and quirky idea of ours is to jump on the sewing machine and stitch a pouch to slide the painting into.

Simply measure the painting, head to your local fabric shop and follow the super easy instructions by Design Sponge.

Not only will it impress the socks off your recipient but it will be something they can use again to keep their precious artwork safe in the future.

Photo Credit: Design Sponge

Sew Gift Wrapping

Adding A Special Touch to Safe and Sturdy Packaging

When mailing artwork, we all know secure packaging is necessary! But this doesn’t mean you can’t make it look and feel special.

For top safety and security, we recommend ordering a specially made artwork mailing box. Look for packaging that has reinforced backings and foam inserts for extra protection – an extra bonus is that it can be kept for future moving or storage.

Granted, this isn’t the most exciting packaging, but using gift wrapping on the outside is going to be a waste of good paper. Instead, you could tie a bow around the painting, line the box lid with festive paper and place some tissue around the painting before securing it into the foam holder.

Finally, don’t forget to check your courier holiday mailing dates to make sure it reaches the lucky recipient on time!

How to wrap a piece of art

Create a gift wrapped box for art

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