Famous Artwork by The Old Masters, Re-imagined

Famous Artwork by The Old Masters, Re-imagined

November 02, 2018

Artworks from old masters have been the source of inspiration for as long as we can remember. Even artists within the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist era were influenced by 16th and 17th Century art. In Van Gogh’s early work, similar artistic qualities to Rembrandt can be seen.

Even in the 21st century, contemporary artists are still looking to the old masters for inspiration in their works. Recently, artists have continued evolving classic works with appropriation and are using new media to re-create art from the past.

See how our top pick of artists are using innovative materials to recreate amazingly recognizable images. The results might leave you speechless!

Bradley Hart, Bubble Wrap Paintings

Photo credit: Design Boom

Bradley Hart is a New York-based artist known for injecting bubble wrap with paint. His series, “Injections” looks at celebrity portraits and iconic masterpieces, which are recreated on his unique canvas, bubble wrap. The result: shockingly similar pixilated pictures. Each painting or photo used for inspiration is carefully chosen from either his private collection or through other sources that have powerful images.

“By using this unique medium and technique, Hart is reimagining these masters’ works by turning them into something modern and fresh.” Influenced by the digital age, Hart uses software to assign a colour code to each bubble, which corresponds to a syringe filled with acrylic paint. Hart has recreated a number of famous masterpieces, from the Dutch Golden Age master, Vermeer, to Impressionist influencer, Monet. Here are a few of our favourites selected from the series.

Kristen Cumings, Jelly Belly Masterpieces

Starry Night in Jelly Beans
Girl with a Pearl Earring in Jelly Beans

Photo Credit: My Modern Met 

Artists have been trying to recreate these famous masterpieces for a long time now, but we can guarantee none are as sweet as these! Jelly Belly artist Kristen Cumings, from San Francisco, uses this yummy treat as her artistic medium. Originally commissioned by Jelly Belly in 2009, Cumings now creates famous figures and paintings with jelly beans as part of her ongoing practice. It takes her about 50-60 hours to complete each life-sized painting, each encompassing up to 12,000 jelly beans!

She creates large-scale recreations because the size of each bean must be in relation to each significant detail of an original painting. Paying special attention to fine details and colour, it’s hard to believe that this artist can also produce recreations in front of live audiences.

Nasa Funahara, Masking Tape Compositions

Photo credit: Huffington Post

Nasa Funahara is a Japanese artist in her final year at Musashino Art University. The artist recreates iconic masterpieces using colourful masking tape. “I own about 450 rolls,” she said. “Whenever I find a colour or pattern that I like, I end up buying it.” Using a variety of shapes and colours, Fahara creates final images that cause viewers to look at historical art in a new light.

Each piece of tape is carefully placed by hand and results in a final image that captures exquisite details. Made into large-scale pieces, a final product usually takes nearly a week to complete. The series originally began as an art project for her school, however, she soon received international recognition from large publications, and we can see why!

Jane Perkins, Masterpieces made with "Bits and Pieces"

Photo credit: Today

Finding inspiration from “found objects”, Jane Perkins takes paintings by old masters and turns them into something new. From a distance, each historic figure is easily distinguishable; but, the best part comes when inspecting the piece up close, where the texture created with forgotten knick-knacks is revealed.

After a piece is sold, Perkins will often restart the process to construct a duplicate image – this time with new found objects. Within the series, Perkins creates unique art that still maintains the original intent of the painting. Originally creating portraits of famous individuals, Perkins began to change things up as she “wanted to develop a different avenue and thought of reproducing Van Gogh's ‘Sunflowers’. From there, 'Plastic Classics' were born."

Vik Muniz, Famous Artwork from Torn Magazines

Photo credit: Design Boom

As part of the “Pictures of Magazine 2” Series, Brazilian artist Vik Muniz recreates famous paintings using torn pieces from magazines. This talented artist has been able to carefully chose and arrange each fragment into meticulous work that captures the previously created forms.

While many artists in the past have also used torn magazine strips as a medium, Muniz is able to build striking pieces that capture unprecedented details. Within the series, he has recreated works from Van Gogh, Cezanne, Degas and more.

As artist’s in the 21st century continue to look to the Old Master’s works for inspiration, as result, the works undergo through a process of appropriation. In this process, artists are looking to these works and trying to configure the original pieces of art for two reasons: one being, artists are trying to keep the art works alive by expanding them to new mediums, and two being that the artists are trying to tell new stories through new mediums by expanding upon the stories of the original works of art.

These recreations of works of the Old Masters reflect how art has expanded beyond a canvas, albeit, there is still an audience who appreciate the works in their traditional form. Access to these works is very limited and unfortunately, many people do not have the privilege to go into the galleries and witness them up front. Recreations of the works of the Old Master’s does offer a solution to that problem, and for that same reason Verus Art is offering audiences high-fidelity textured reproductions. We use 3D digitization and the latest elevated printing processes to accurately recreate the brushstrokes of the Old Masters.

If you are interested in living with your very own masterpiece by Old Masters, check out the latest collection in our store!

If you are wanting to learn more about the technology and the process behind our recreations, click here!

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