10 Crafty Boredom Busters for Artists in the Making

10 Crafty Boredom Busters for Artists in the Making

July 04, 2017

For many of parents, the eternally long summer holidays can be daunting! Will it take weeks or just days before our little ones are twiddling their thumbs and grumbling about being bored?

Sure, most days will be fun packed, sunny, and more exciting than going to school, but you can probably remember how time moves more slowly when you’re a kid, and it’s impossible for parents to have epic adventures planned day in, day out.

To help you get through the holidays, we have some inspiration for arty activities that won’t break the bank, will be a savior on a rainy day and will encourage your children to take a break from their beloved iPads, TVs, and computer screens!

1. Download & Print Colouring Pages

For a quick and easy activity, which will teach your mini-artists about the great masters, download and print our special coloring pages! Developed for our Art Connection program, we hand out during school visits (like in the picture above, at Lord Selkirk Elementary School) and now you can print your own, simply click and open the sheets below:


2. Weave Newspaper Baskets

Don’t throw away those old newspapers just yet –  your kids can weave newspaper baskets to keep their toys in, thanks to Deceptively Educational. (You never know, they might even want to help tidy up with their new creation!)

Weave a newspaper basket

Photo Credit: Deceptively Educational

3. Make Rainbow Fruit Platters or Cups

Although we’re taught not to play with our food, making rainbow fruit cups is a great way to encourage kids to eat healthily AND will save you a job when it comes to making lunch. Simply take inspiration from My Frugal Adventure's post and prep some piles of fruit and veg, then leave them to it!

rainbow fruit cups

Photo Credit: My Frugal Adventures

4. Learn How to Make Cool Origami Animals

Origami is another fun and easy activity that used to keep me and my sister quiet for hours! Although thicker paper holds the folds better, odd ends of gift wrap, old envelopes or scrap printer paper will do the trick. Craft TV has an awesome playlist with over 40 'Origami for Kids' tutorials!

Origami Dog

Photo Credit: Craft TV (Jessica)

5. Fashionista Friendly Pasta Jewellery

This takes a little prep from grown ups but will cost a fraction of what a bead set might cost from a toy store – you could opt for a rainbow of colors or pick a theme for a special event! Find out more with this post by Happy Hooligans, in collaboration CBC.

Pasta jewelery

Photo Credit: CBC

6. Make Paperweights with Painted Pebbles

On a sunny day; collecting, washing, drying and painting pebbles is a great activity for an afternoon! You could even make a day of it by looking for pebbles at the beach or park first. Get some top tips and inspiration from the Happy Hooligans blog!

rock paperweights

Photo Credit: Happy Hooligans

7. Use Food Stamps to Decorate T-Shirts

Another foodie activity, that I remember loving as a child, is to grab some paint and make stamps from food. Whether it’s half an apple, a halved pepper, or a carved potato (grown ups should help here!) this is a quick and easy activity to set up. They could even print designs onto old t-shirts, like in this Good Housekeeping post!


Food stamp t-shirts

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

8. Set Up a Homemade Photobooth

If your little ones aren’t shy in front of the camera, they’ll have a blast creating their own photobooth. Get them to look for fun props around the house and try printing a few extra props, like silly mustaches and novelty glasses from Personal Creation's printable downloads!


Printable photo booth props

Photo Credit: Personal Creations

9. Construct Grape and Toothpick Sculptures

Our final foodie idea for older children is to encourage budding engineers and scientists with some toothpicks and grapes! Thanks to this Artful Parent post, who knows, maybe they’ll design the next Eiffel Tower?

Building a tower

Photo Credit: Artful Parent

10. Make a Family Photo Scrapbook

Our final activity is not only fun but might help you tick off one of those ‘I’ll get round to it one day’ jobs. Order a printed set of those holiday photos from last summer, buy a scrap book and some glue sticks and let the kids have fun putting the album together. (This All You post has some useful tips too). We bet you’ll have even more fun looking through their final creation!

Scrapbooking with Kids

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